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scruffy-buffey said: I had this the other day at work when I told someone I am started to get into photography and he was like ‘I bet you do it just to see girls naked’ Like seriously, is that what people assume when you say you take pictures

It’s not what people assume when you take pictures, but I’d assume that people have an interest in photography, before the naked girls turn up too, why not include that in their online portfolio? For example I’ve got a shoot coming up with a guy who’s never worked with models before, I’m working with him because he’s showed me a backlog of other photography work he’s done. I’d never assume that someone is in it for those reason’s unless there is absolutely no variation in their portfolio. If picture after picture is completely naked girls, no proper lighting, no editing and they’ve never even bothered to rent out a studio or find an interesting location, then yes, I’m going to assume they’re not in it for the photography, but more to see naked girls, because that’s exactly what their work is suggesting. I didn’t say ALL photographers, but there are those out there, so why pretend any other way? For mine and other girls safety we should be able to call out that bullshit without people trying to claim we’re being harsh, because I’d much rather that than girls being put in dangerous situations.

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Nothing creeps me out more than when you’re looking at photographers pages on various sites, than when you come across a page where the photographer literally has like a years experience, no references and a portfolio of about 5 pictures and they’re all of naked girls in random bedrooms, never on location or in studios.

Like really, you couldn’t be screaming ‘I’m here to get my rock’s off’ more.

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I feel sad so I’ve been watching Girl Code and Sex and the City all night.

Guy’s I’m about to crack open the Ben & Jerry’s. 

Send help.

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I’ve already been sent a couple of pic’s from yesterday’s shoot with Jim@Hallammill, what do you guys think? :)

I’ve already been sent a couple of pic’s from yesterday’s shoot with Jim@Hallammill, what do you guys think? :)


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Men’s Rights Activists.


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No girl should ever have to see her own arse in a well lit 360 mirror.

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I have literally been waiting for this gifset for all time

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Megan Ewing


Megan Ewing

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